Working principle of electromagnetic water valve

The working principle of the electromagnetic water valve is that when the electromagnetic water valve is in a normal position, its active iron core will seal the guide valve port, and the pressure inside the valve cavity will be in a relatively balanced state. This is the main valve port. Show a closed state. When the coil is powered on, the electromagnetic force generated by the electromagnetic force will be absorbed away by the iron core of the activity, and the medium in the main valve cavity will be leaked from the inlet of the guide valve to cause a pressure difference. At this time, the diaphragm or valve cup will be quickly held up, the main valve port will be opened, and the valve changes will show a smooth state. Once the coil is disconnected and the magnetic field disappears, the active iron core will be restored in situ. The guide valve port will be closed. The internal pressure of the guide valve port and the main valve will regain the balanced state, and the valve will be closed.