Water purifier's sewage gate

The electronic component of the water purifier is controlled by the water purifier. There are a lot of electronic components in each water purifier. Today I will tell you a very important electronic component in the water purifier -the water inlet solenoid valve, take you to understand the main function of the water inlet solenoid valve What, if there is a fault, what will be performed. If you read this article, if you find that your water purifier also has a similar failure in the future, then you will find the problem quickly and find the water purifier to repair it.

The water inlet solenoid valve, as the name suggests, is used to control the water purifier. The water purifier should be used to make water. When the switch of the water purifier is turned on, the solenoid valve will be automatically opened, and the tap water can be passed from the valve. If the water in the pressure barrel is full, the water inlet solenoid valve will be turned off, and the water will be cut off.

Whether the water inlet solenoid valve stops work is reflected in the wastewater, because if the water purifier is working, then there will always be wastewater flowing out; if the water purifier stops working, the wastewater will stop.

Water inlet solenoid valve

General classification of water inlet solenoid valves:

The water inlet electromagnetic valve is classified as fast -connected, internal thread, outer thread, and pole -type interface according to the interface. Among them, the fast -connected type is the most common, and there are more interfaces with 2 points and 3 points. Most of the inner thread and the rod type are 2 points; the outer thread type is generally 4 -point outer tooth interface.

In addition, the voltage can also be classified: one is a 24 -volt water inlet solenoid valve; and the other is a 36 volt water inlet solenoid valve. The diameter of the 3 -point interface standard is 9.5㎜, while the 2 -point interface is 6.4㎜ directly.

The average service life of the water inlet solenoid valve is more than 100,000 times. These are tested by the water hammer. Under normal temperature conditions, under the water pressure of 28 ~ 32㎏. Continuously conduct an opening and closing test of the solenoid valve. The interval is 5-10 seconds each time. It does not stop day and night. It takes about 3 months to test it at a time.

Common faults of water inlet solenoid valves:

After reading the introduction above, everyone must also know that the water inlet solenoid valve is used to control the water purifier into the water. The most common problem is that the solenoid valve cannot be opened or turned off.

Water inlet solenoid valve

If the water inlet solenoid valve cannot be opened, it means that the tap water cannot enter the water purifier, which will cause the water shortage of the water purifier.

Another is that the water inlet electromagnetic valve is not closed or tight. This will cause the wastewater of the water purifier to be over, commonly known as the effect of "poor urine".

This is the most common situation of water inlet solenoid valve. Of course, other conditions may occur. Assuming that there are no problems with other accessories, the following problems may occur.

For example, the water quality of the raw water is too dirty, and the water inlet electromaging valve will be blocked. At this time, you do n’t need to replace the solenoid valve. You only need to rinse the solenoid valve. Of course, the pollutants of these large particles may not only block the water purifier, but also get stuck the valve, causing the water inlet solenoid valve to effect.

In addition, some common fault solutions for water inlet solenoid valves are introduced

one. Check the resistance value of the two terminals of the solenoid valve. If the resistance value is less than 0.2 Euros, the coil is normal

two. Unplug the PE tube at both ends of the solenoid valve and hit the comes with the PE tube.

three. Unplug the input cable of the high -voltage switch, but you need to be closed in the high -voltage switch.

Four. Open the water source and press the start button;

five. The input cable of the low -voltage switch is short -connected, and the low -voltage switch is in a closed state. If the water flows out of the water end, the solenoid valve is opened normally

six. The input cable of the low -voltage switch is broken, and when the low -voltage switch is disconnected, if there is no water flowing out of the water end of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is closed normally.

Water inlet electromagnetic

In addition, which electrical appliances have water inlet solenoid valves

Water inlet solenoid valves are widely used in the household appliance industry. As long as the electrical appliances related to water are almost used, the water solenoid valve will be used.

Some home appliances even use a variety of solenoid valves, such as introducing solenoid valves, direct -motion solenoid valves, and stress -free water discharge or water output magnetic valves. The principle is similar. When the power is powered, the electromagnetic coil generates electromagnetic force. The closing piece is lifted from the valve seat. When the power is disconnected, the electromagnetic force disappears. The spring is pressed back to the valve seal to the water mouth and the valve is closed. Generally, when vacuum, negative pressure, and zero pressure can be operated, but the diameter usually does not exceed 25mm.